We bring outdoor air purification processes indoors with a powerful combination of technologies.

NEW pureAir SOLO

pureAir PERSONAL is a wearable purifier that creates a personal clean-air zone

pureAir 500 Room Purifier

pureAir 500 uses activated oxygen, ionization, and filtration to purify an individual room.

pureAir 3000 Active Air Purifier

pureAir 3000 is a whole home air purification solution using Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), activated oxygen, and ionization.

Active Air Purification

Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), reduces odours caused by bacteria and more. Featuring the same purification technology developed and used by NASA, our residential products actively purify a range of indoor spaces to continuously
clean the air.

How our air purifiers work…


Our unique photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology turns moisture in the air into purifying products.


Creating a plasma of positive and negative charges, ionization reduces irritating particles from the breathing space.


Activated oxygen (ozone) attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, destroying them.

Commercial Air Purifying

Our commercial air purifier line has solutions for office spaces, schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and more.

pureAir HVAC

Using existing ductwork, we can custom engineer purification solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes. The products we manufacture are low maintenance, consume minimal energy, and are cost effective relative to other available purification technologies.

Easy set up and use

Our air purifiers transform stale indoor air into fresh, purified air for you and your family to breathe. Using active air purification technologies, our personal air purifiers, room air purifiers, and whole-home air purifiers reduce odours, such as those caused by bacteria, mould, pets, and smoke, as well as remove irritants, such as pet dander, dust, and other allergens from your breathing space. Easy to set up and use, these air purifiers are ideal for those sensitive to odours and allergens. We have a solution for an air purifier for home and on the go!

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