Electric Radiators

Our heating systems adapt to the needs of comfort and flexibility of the user. The thermoelectric emitters are adjustable individually or collectively. Each of the devices contributes to the comfort of the home by being able to regulate the temperature and the operating time according to the conditions of each room.

Installing our radiators means it’s not necessary to carry out changes to your electrical system. All the products can be easily installed in your home.

The latest tech means our radiators are able to heat your home strictly in the necessary periods. This makes it an efficient product and means they contribute to responsible energy consumption in your house.

Types of Electric Radiators

The wide range of I Confort radiators guarantees customer satisfaction by adapting to the different needs of each space. The choice of one type or another of radiator will depend on factors such as the size of the space and the intended use. Optimal performance and consumption will depend on the correct selection.

DRY radiators

Specially designed efficiently with an exclusive system of extruded aluminium resistors with a large dissipation surface (ECO-AIR +, CC-D +). These radiators combine in a gentle way the transmission of heat by radiation and convection.

The main characteristic of this range is to provide instant heat due to its low thermal inertia (see the comparison of the inertia curves in the graph).

These radiators are the best solution for rooms where you need to quickly reach the desired temperature and have little space.


They guarantee homogeneity of temperatures on their surface. Compared to dry radiators, they achieve lower maximum surface temperatures. These radiators offer tranquillity and security, making them ideal for stays with children or the elderly. The thermal fluids incorporated in the REA range are highly efficient and add a thermal inertia that allows them to continue emitting heat even after being switched off.

DRY INERTIA radiators

Manufactured with a resistance inside a compacted block of ecological, natural and light volcanic stone. This system has great thermal inertia capable of maintaining its performance even after being disconnected. TAR-CD + issuers have a homogeneous temperature distribution.

Other Benefits


The new range of I Confort radiators is designed according to the European Ecodesign directive in force since January 1, 2018. Its aim is to manu-
facture efficient and ecological products with the incorporation of a series of functions.

Daily / weekly schedule

We use chronothermostats with daily / weekly programming that allows us to adjust the emitters in the way that best suits our lifestyle.
Maximum well-being with minimum expense.

Early activation

Our equipment incorporates the innovative “Early Activation” intelligent temperature control system. This system activates the start-up of the equipment in advance of the programmed time, to ensure that the desired temperature is achieved at the indicated time and following the established program. This automatic control system works as follows:

  • When the computer is connected for the first time, the processor measures the time it took to reach the desired temperature. From this moment, depending on the room temperature and the set temperature, the transmitter is able to know the time at which it has to connect.
  • The issuer learns every day based on external factors and is able to self-regulate to be more efficient.
  • This function can be activated or deactivated by the user.

Open windows detection

The new computers with digital control incorporate the “Open Windows” function. This function automatically disconnects the transmitter if it detects a sudden drop in temperature of 3oC

  • When this function is activated, the open windows indicator icon and the temperature icon will blink. The maximum disconnection time is one hour.
  • If we press any button, the open window detection function will be deactivated and the transmitter will reconnect
  • With this system, you avoid wasting energy if you forget to disconnect the equipment when opening the windows.
  • This function can be activated or deactivated by the user.

Remote Control

Our WiFi technology allows you to manage and control emitters and accumulators from anywhere in the world.

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