Potential Savings

Infrared heating uses less energy than traditional heating methods as energy is not lost through etc circulation of air. You feel the heat straight away and it will last long after the unit is turned off.

In addition, when compared with new technologies such as air / water heat pumps or biomass, infrared can offer significantly quicker payback times due to lower costs of purchase, installation, maintenance and running costs.

  • You can set your thermostat 2 degrees lower with infrared heaters because they warm objects that radiate the heat.
  • Infrared heating can run off electricity from renewable only suppliers, or sources like solar PV

  • Our heaters require no maintenance so you can save hundreds of euros on yearly servicing costs

  • Our heaters are compatible with thermostats and motion sensors ensuring you are only paying for the heating that you need

No maintenance needed.

  • 2 Year Guarantee on all heaters, we will replace your heaters if you have any issues.

  • Longer lasting materials. They operate at lower temperatures and they are exposed to less expansions/contractions.
  • Easy to disassemble. May be uninstalled quickly in order to make wall painting easier.
  • Easy to clean, and our aluminium panels can be painted to match the existing walls.

Smart operation.

  • Controlled comfort. Out thermostats adapts to changes in temperature, reacting faster to thermal changes due to ventilation, lighting, occupation…

  • More pleasant comfort. The infrared heaters do not heat the air and the environment is not dried up, providing an increased sense of comfort.

  • Healthy and clean air, by not burning dust particles or circulating the air with convection.

Infrared, a safer heater.

  • Our infrared heaters operates without surface temperatures getting too high making the heaters very safe. We can also offer an even lower surface temperature for specific environments.

  • It does not burn when in contact with the radiator surface.

  • Ideal for children or the elderly, public spaces such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals…

Modern design, reduced dimensions.

Customise your Infrared panels.

  • Panel-type designs in Aluminium, Glass and Mirror, simple and easy to integrate with any type of decoration.

  • Can be customised with different colours and decorative graphics.

Synonymous with Eco-design.

By offering heating solution that can operate on 100% renewable energy we are able to achieve a significant reduction in polluting emissions. Please ensure to choose a renewable energy provider for your electricity. There are multiple providers that operate on 100% renewable energy in Ireland. Moreover, all our materials a recyclable and have a long service life.

One more step towards fighting climate change and reducing global warming.

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