Why choose an Exhaust Air Heat Pump?

Primarily because the type of building (usually new build) must be ventilated.

  • An all-in-one unit – Ventilation, Heating & Hot Water and Weather Compensation as standard.
  • Ideal for smaller new homes that will be at a high level of air-tightness and low heat loss.

  • Usually less cost than buying separate traditional solutions and a stand-alone heat recovery unit.

  • Good solution for multiple small dwellings such as apartments, more cost effective than district heating, more environmentally friendly than multiple gas boilers etc.

  • Comes Internet ready and Smart Grid ready!

Ventilation is Key

For air-tight, low energy builds, where ventilation is a must, choose an Exhaust Air heat pump. This will re-cycle the heat from your house’s ventilation system. These machines are ideal for apartments and more compact air-tight low energy or passive homes. Air is drawn through ducts to the heat pump from the bathrooms, utility and kitchen areas.

The cold waste air is discharged to outside through another duct, and condensation to a drain.
Not only that, the additional heat generated internally from lighting, people and domestic appliances is also utilised through heat recovery.

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