Dynamic Storage Heater

Dynamic Storage Heater


Allows you to connect up to 31 computers on the same network.
Maximum distances 200m in open field, 30m with 2-3 walls indoors.
The emitters form a ring subnet as each emitter acts as a signal repeater.
A signal can be retransmitted up to 4 times therefore we achieve greater distances.
LED status indicator.

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High Heat Retention

Storage + emitter of minimalist design.
Constructed of DX51 galvanized steel of various thicknesses.
Epoxy finish.
Front, rear, and top 25mm microporous insulation.
High-density silicate bottom insulation.
Core insulation on the sides with 25mm microporous and biosoluble fiber.
Accumulation core made with ceramic blocks.
Stainless steel armoured accumulation resistors.
Emission resistance made of stainless steel.
Low noise fan-forced emission system.
Self-Widthring floor fixing system made of polyamide.
High Heat Retention (> 50%)
7 hour charge.
Thermostatic opening to control the air outlet temperature through the grille
Heat discharge controlled throughout the day controlled by thermostat
High efficiency
Thermal safety limiters.
Single voltage input for accumulation and emission.
Large format, high resolution TFT screen with various display themes.
Charge indicator.
Wireless RF electronics.
Simple and intuitive handling.
Easy and Programmed operating modes.
Daily / weekly programming configurable by hours.
Anti-ice, Eco and Comfort temperatures.
Boost function.
Open windows detection function.
Early activation function.
Intelligent electronic load management based on core temperature and ambient temperature.
Time control of the load in one or two sections.
Keypad lock.
Consumption and temperature records.
Geolocation function.
Power Rationalization Function.
NTC temperature sensor with 0.1 ÂșC precision.
Optional control through Web or App.
Optional voice control.