KL08NSB 8 Zone Wiring Centre

KL08NSB 8 Zone Wiring Centre

The KL08NSB wiring centre forms the heart of an Underfloor Heating controls system. It allows easy and quick connection of thermostats and actuators. It has integrated pump and boiler control module and overload protection. KL08NSB wiring centre is adapted to work with NC and NO type actuators (normally closed and normally open). Up to 8 thermostats can be connected to the KL08NSB, while KL04NSB extension allows to connect additional 4 thermostats (12 in total).


  • 8 zones with 4 actuators per zone
  • Push-in cable connections with strain relief
  • Volt free pump and boiler switching
  • LED status indication
  • Separate in-port for night setback signal
  • Works with NO and NC actuators
  • External clock contact
  • 5 year warranty


Power Supply:


Switching current (Max):




Size (mm):

353 x 85 x 65