JD Mars Ceilpara

JD Mars Ceilpara

Ceiling / Parasol Outdoor Ceilpara Heater Suitable for Pully-type/Side-post Parasols, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Smoking Areas, Patios, Balconies,Terraces and any Open Indoor Areas

Mounted under Side-post Parasol

  • Annular Eclipse heating Tech PATENT— DO NOT heat the central space beneath but around.
  • Leave your cool Wine, chill Beer I Champagne / Whisky as they are while you enjoy warmth setting or standing.
  • No burnt when press the swtiches because the central beneath is not heated.


Friendly to mounted materials Low temp (< 95°C)

Shell allows being mounted under a parasol or hung closely and safe.



IP55 Weather proof Design Low-glare Carbon Fibre Heating

Power Setting, Coverage & Control Power setting: 7S0W/1500W 100-240V SOHz/60Hz Hung at 1.8M high, heating area up to Sm’. ON/OFF switches heating & lighting. Tilt Switch ensures safety.
(MHT307) The tri-light 6W LED emits 6400K/2700K/4500K -cool white/warm white/medium white light in one unit at the bottom of the heater.
Mounted under Pully Parasol

Brush Black
Container qty’s (20740740’HQ ): 651 / 1333 / 1554pcs

Brush Copper
Box Dimensions: 43*43*25cm GW/NW : 3.4kgs/2.4kgs