SD600 Smoke Detector

SD600 Smoke Detector

The SD600 is a smart photoelectric smoke sensor, with ultra-low-power Zigbee wireless network technology. Once smoke has been detected the red LED flashes rapidly and sounds the alarm alerting you and your family. It can also send you an alert via email or text message when used with the SALUS Smart Home system.




LED Warning Light

Displays alarm status

SMS / E-mail Warning (Smart Home System)

When used with the Salus Smart Home system, it can send an
additional message when it has been activated

Audio Warning

Loud audible alarm alerts you of activation ≤85dB/3m

Battery Powered

Uses CR123A / CR17335 replaceable battery

Basic Specification

Power Supply:

DC3V (CR123A lithium battery), Replaceable

Battery Lifespan:

Up to 3yr

Wireless Standard:

Zigbee 2.4 GHz HA1.2

Smoke Sensitivity:

Between 0.08 – 0.25dB/m

Sound Level:

. ≤85dB/3m


CE (EN14604), ROHS, KC, FCC


60 x 60 x 49.2mm