JD Vermount Wall-Mounted Outdoor Heater

JD Vermount Wall-Mounted Outdoor Heater

Suitable for pubs, clubs, hotels, smoking areas, patios, balconies, terraces and open indoor areas.

Friendly use Infrared Heater.

  • Heats you and not the air.
    • The low housing temperature allows you to mount it directly on any constructional materials – even wood – to save space and give a great flush look.
    • With a 1-meter effective length of the heating tube, the heater covers more space than any other similar unit, vertically or horizontally.
    • Simple hook and slot feature makes the mounting easy to complete, even without a ladder.
    • Replaceable heating tube allows for life-long use.
    • Fabric Flocked Grille – no need to worry about children or pets touching the heating tube.


Snap-in IP55 Design

• Built to withstand the elements.
• Stand for commercial usage.
• Snap-in heating tube structure makes the tube easy to replace.

Carbon Fibre Heating Technology

• Heats the body directly, no heat lost in the wind.
• The first carbon fibre low-glare heating tube in the world, emits a
relaxing warm ambient glow.
• Especially good for galleries, clubs, stables, and areas which
don’t want bright sharp red light.
• Cuts carbon gas emissions by more then 95%.
• Savings of up to 90% compared with gas heaters.
• A 130° heating angle and 4.5m heating distance.

Control and Safe

• Each unit has an independent On/Off switch.
• Full function remote control lets you to operate the heater remotely.
• Up to 4-hour timer.
• Each function indicated by different coloured pilot light.
• Built-in safety sensor will cut power when over heated.

PIR Economy Feature

PIR (Passive Infrared) economy feature automatically turns off the heating
after 4 minutes when there is no movement within 3-4 meters in front of
the heater.