WQ610RF Quantum Thermostat

WQ610RF Quantum Thermostat

The NEW Quantum WQ610RF thermostat is the latest innovative addition to the SALUS portfolio. This sleek and stylish thermostat is the slimmest on the market at only 10mm thick. It has a long battery life, thanks to its state of the art built in rechargeable lithium battery. All WQ610RF thermostats include a pre-paired receiver and are linked via Zigbee 2.4 GHz communication.

With innovation, science and quality in one, the new Quantum WQ610RF thermostat is feature packed to ensure that your clients have perfect control over their heating system.





Advanced algorithm for load compensation.


For improved efficiency when connected to OpenTherm certified boiler.

Ultra Slim Stylish Design

Simple, quick and straightforward operation and setup for all users.

Powered by rechargeable LI-ION battery

Simply re-charge using micro SD cable.

ErP Rating IV

Improved ErP rating means better efficiency rating of the whole system and total cost reductions. ErP IV is a benchmark minimum for some EU markets.

Service Mode

Thermostat can be programmed to ensure home occupier is aware a boiler service is required and landlord can access to action.

Landlord PIN

PIN entry option for landlord/building owner only access to certain settings and menus.

Optimisation Features

Optimum Start and Optimum Stop for improved comfort.

Wireless Communication

Wireless free installation, excellent indoor range.

5 year warranty

For maximum peace of mind.

Basic Specification

Power supply thermostat

LI-ION Battery


5°C ~ 35°C

Thermostat Dimensions

86mm x 86mm x 11mm (HxWxD)

RF Frequency

2.4 Ghz (up to 30m range)