Dual Storage Heater

Dual Storage Heater

It has the best electronic control adapted to the ecodesign regulations, with functions of programming, open windows function, intelligent system, remote control …
Thanks to the intelligent load management system, the equipment performs daily temperature measurements to determine what percentage of load should be performed automatically, achieving maximum comfort with minimum consumption.
You can turn on, off, raise or lower temperature and program from anywhere. The geolocation, rationalization and historical consumption functions will allow you to enjoy
the best product, and the greatest savings in accumulation systems never seen before

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– Emitting accumulator of minimalist design.
– Built in galvanized steel.
– Epoxy finish.
– 10mm microporous front and rear insulation.
– Lower vermiculite insulation.
– Ecological ceramic blanket insulation on the sides and top.
– Accumulation core made with ceramic blocks.
– Stainless steel armored accumulation resistors.
– Emission resistance made of extruded aluminum.
– Air chambers that facilitate convection.
– Fixing system to the ground by self-Widthring and made of polyamide.
– 7 hour charge.
– Safety thermal limiters.
– Single voltage input for accumulation and emission.


Electronics features

– TFT screen with various display themes.
– Charge indicator.
– RF Wireless Electronics.
– Simple and intuitive operation.
– Easy and programmed operating modes.
– Daily / weekly programming configurable by hours.
– Frost, Eco and Comfort Temperatures.
– Boost function.
– Open window detection function.
– Early activation function.
– Intelligent electronic load management
based on temperature of the core and the ambient temperature.
– Time control of the load in one or two sections.
– Keypad lock.
– History of consumption and temperature.
– Geolocation function.
– Power Rationalization Function.
– NTC temperature sensor with accuracy of 0.1 ÂșC.
– Optional control via Web or App.
– Optional voice control.