Radiant heaters are often the most effective and preferred way to heat an outdoor or tough-to-heat indoor area. Unlike traditional convection heaters, electric panel wall heaters will heat people or objects, not air. In outdoor areas, hot air is blown away, while in open indoor areas, the hot air rises to the ceiling or is lost via ventilation. Radiant heat will comfortably and energy-efficiently provide direct heat to people is this situation.

Like the heat rays emitted by the sun, the ceiling or wall mounted power heaters emit radiant warmth from above. A unique infrared element and alloy heating surface produces even, radiant warmth directly to individual people and surfaces below. Unlike traditional outdoor heaters, which aim to heat the surrounding air and can result in high temperatures close to the heat source and lower temperatures further away, the radiant heat emitted by our power heaters penetrates through the air to provide a comfortable, even temperature.

High intensity electric radiant overhead heater with high surface area profiled alloy, Suitable for ceiling, wall, beam, fixed umbrella and recess mounting.